Technology Management (TCHM)

TCHM 650  Integrative: Project in Technology Management  (4 Credits)  

This final course in the Technology Management major is a project-oriented capstone that is designed to integrate and apply learning from the disciplines of management and information technology. Case studies that highlight real-world challenges, demonstrate best practices, and emphasize the importance of decision-making for business strategy in technology management will serve as common background and will foster each individual student's project development and execution.

Prerequisite(s): CRIT 602 Advanced Critical Analysis and Strategic Thinking, IDIS 601 Interdisciplinary Seminar, and all major requirements must be completed prior to enrollment in this course. Academic Advisor approval is required for registration to be processed. NOTE: Students who were admitted to the college before Fall 2019 and have remained active in their original catalog year are not required to take IDIS 601.

View Course Outcomes:

  1. Identify and use current research and resources in technology management to develop a project that will meet personal professional goals and goals of their organizations.
  2. Analyze case studies to illuminate the development of the individual project.
  3. Integrate knowledge of best practices in both technology and management in an area of professional interest by executing a course project.
  4. Evaluate the nature and application of ethical principles and strategic decision-making to the capstone project.