Course Details

Course Delivery Formats

Granite State College offers multiple course schedules and modalities. Classes are offered in our campuses around the state, as well as off- site locations. Courses are available evenings, weekends, online, hybrid, and blended and through intensive and independent study formats.

Face-to-Face (F2)

Meet every week of the term on campus for face-to-face instruction between students and instructors.

Online (OL)

Course instruction occurs completely online. There is no face-to- face requirement.

Blended (BL)

Combination of face-to-face and online. Meet every week on campus and remaining instruction occurs online.

Hybrid (HY)

Meet on campus during certain pre-selected weeks during the term. Remaining instruction occurs online.

Intensives (IN)

Individual class time is longer, but the course takes place over a shorter time period.

Field-Based (FB)

1:1 weekly meetings during the course based on times mutually determined by student and faculty.

Online Blended (OB)

Course instruction occurs completely online throughout the term and includes weekly scheduled live video sessions (ET) between students and the instructor.

Online Hybrid (OH)

Course instruction occurs completely online throughout the term and incorporates several live video sessions between students and the instructor. Please check the course schedule for the specific dates and times of the live video sessions (ET).

Curriculum Designations

Type Description
ACCT Accounting
APST Applied Studies
ARTS Arts and Culture
BEHS Behavioral Sciences
CMPL Computers/Information Technology
COMM Communication
CRIM Criminal Justice
CRIT Critical Inquiry
ECO Economics
EDU Education
ENG English
ENT Entrepreneurship
HIS History
HLTC Health Care and Human Services
HMSV Human Services
HRM Human Resource Management
HRT Hotel, Restaurant, Travel
HUMN Humanities
IDIS Interdisciplinary Studies
INST Instructional
LD Leadership
LIS Library and Media Services
MATH Mathematics
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing
NUR Nursing
PM Project Management
POL Political Science
PSY Psychology
SCI Science
SCM Supply Chain Management
SOC Sociology
SOSC Social Science
TCHM Technology Management

Granite State College Course Numbering System

Number Description
500-599 Introductory undergraduate courses
600-649 Advanced undergraduate courses
650-699 Integrative courses
700-799 Post-Baccalaureate courses
800-899 Graduate courses

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are listed on the following pages. The course descriptions provide a summary of course content. Detailed information including course outcomes is available from the Office of Academic Affairs.